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ACFM’s Sponsorhip for South Korean Golf Entertainment Show!

(shooting at Damai Golf Resort)

South Korean celebrities and JTBC broad casting crews visited Kuching from 18th June to 28th June. Korean Celebrities are Jihye Lee, the entertainer & singer, Kyeongah Kim, the announcer, Suji Shin, the entertainer & former athlete, Lyna, the singer of Wanna. B, Minji Nam, the pro golfer and Kahyeong Lyu, the pro golfer. They were shooting the reality golf program in Kuching for 10 days.

(Lyna, Jihye Lee, Minji Nam from the left of the picture)

(Kahyeong Lyu, Suji Shin, Kyeongah Kim from the left of the picture)

This program is about the challenging stroy for 4 celebrities who have never tried golf before. They give a challenge for pro golf player with 2 pro golfers, Minji Nam and Kahyeong Lyu.

(Abang Johari (sixth left), Abdul Karim (fourth left) and Morshidi (fifth left) with their family members in a group photo with South Korean celebrities)

Also, during Hari Raya, the Korean celebrities and JTBC, the shooting crews attnded a Hari Raya open house, a Malaysian tradition that invites people together and enjoys wonderful meals.

ACFM group is a official sponsor for this reality program with the Sarawak state government, the Waterfront Hotel in Kuching. This will be a great opportunity of torism in Kuching, especially for tourists in Korea who are looking for the new and exotic place to play golf such as Damai golf resort and KGS (Kelab Golf Sarawak).